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Brexit Preparedness Statement


Brexit Preparedness Statement 02/11/2020 

As we move close to the end of the Brexit Transition period Allied Insulators Limited is confident that we will minimise any disruption that Brexit may bring.

We recognise that our customers will be concerned however following a review of the potential risks and planning to mitigate them we can be sure that the effects of Brexit will not affect our ability to continue to supply our customers.

As the negotiating deadline for exiting the EU looms closer it is still unclear what challenges will be introduced. If a new deal cannot be reached then from 1st January 2021, the UK and EU will revert to trading on WTO rules and the UK will become a third country to the EU as is the US and China. Under this scenario any goods arriving from the EU or leaving for the EU will be subject to the normal customs procedures already in place for our other third party trading partners.

While there are uncertainties as to the future implications of Brexit, we are mitigating any risk areas, so that we avoid or manage any disruption as a result of Brexit. We have examined all elements of our business and supply chain in order to minimise potential disruptions during, and following, the transition period.

We have considered the potential impact of changes to Customs borders, tariffs, costs and administrative workload as well as the likelihood of exchange rate volatility. As a purchaser of materials from Non-EU countries around the world we are well versed with the demands of international trade. We fully understand the requirements of importing procedures which are managed by our skilled administrative staff. We will be able to adapt swiftly to any changes necessitated by Brexit. As a business that imports from Non-EU countries we already have the skills and procedures in place to facilitate the clearing of goods through customs and this will enable us to continue to import goods from our supply partners located within the EU.

Having engaged with our EU supply partners we are confident that they too are ready for Brexit and the challenges it will present to them in terms of moving goods to the UK. As all of our EU suppliers also export beyond the borders of the EU they are used to having to prepare the documents that could be required post Brexit to enable goods to clear customs into the UK.

If you have any questions with respect to the impact of Brexit on your business with Allied please contact us and we will ensure that your specific concerns are addressed.

Thank You

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