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High Density Polyethylene Distribution Insulators

Following extensive material research and development testing we now have a full range of thermoplastic polyethylene insulators. Designed for UK British Standard and ANSI standards

The hydrophobic nature of HDPE coupled with the extended creepage distance suits all environments and especially polluted environments such as salty coastal area and tropical climates.

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HDPE insulators have the following advantages over traditional ceramic insulators:

  • Excellent Track-Resistance
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Hydrophobic (moisture repellent) Surface
  • Unbreakable and Light Weight
  • Easy Handling and Installation
  • Low Initial Cost & Long service life
  • High resistance to traction, flexion and impact
  • Low Carbon Manufacturing
  • 100% Recyclable

A data sheet and installation guide are available below for insulators from 15kV to 36kV, please contact Allied HDPE@alliedinsulators.com or enquires@alliedinsulators.com for further details and specifications.

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