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National Grid 400kV T-Pylon Project

Allied Insulators are proud to have been awarded the contract for the development and supply of pioneering insulators to be used on the world’s first T-Pylon trial project.

Developed by Bystrup in Denmark, the T-pylon concept pushes all boundaries in relation to conventional overhead line transmission design and demands extremely high mechanical and electrical performance from the insulators to meet the very high design specifications.

Following a very demanding design schedule coupled with extensive modelling, simulation and verification testing we now have a suite of unique T-Pylon insulators that have been specially made for this project.

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t pylon4 t pylon5 t pylon6

This development demonstrates the ability of Allied to strive in this field and deliver pioneering solutions for transmission lines of the future. This marks a huge achievement for Allied Insulators and firmly establishes its position as a key player in the global energy market.

We believe our approach to design and production has wider benefits to the global market for novel insulator design to support aesthetic or compact transmission line construction. We are only too pleased to offer this complete solution approach to the engineering, design, production and testing of these insulator and fittings assemblies. Please contact us for further details.

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