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OLE Catenary Insulators

Porcelain Rail Catenary Insulators
Were originally designed and manufactured in porcelain, the network rail infrastructure was all constructed using these insulators. There is still a demand for porcelain in locations with stringent fire regulations (tunnels & stations) and we are the only approved supplier for the UK rail system

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Various Porcelain catenary and post insulators also return conductor insulators & rolling stock insulators for circuit breaker & pantograph applications.

Customer Specific
These insulator designs, end fittings or attachments can easily be accommodated and manufactured to preference. High pollution extended creepage distance insulators especially for desert or coastal conditions or high strength insulators are also available as standard.

Eurotunnel Porcelain Insulators
Were designed and manufactured in the UK by Allied, subsequent projects have seen a number replaced over the years and we still have on-going demand from Eurotunnel.


Composite OLE Catenary Insulators
Have been developed based on our extensive experience of composite silicon rubber insulators used within the distribution and transmission side of the business. We can supply a complete range of OLE insulators for all high speed catenary systems.

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Conductor Rail Insulators