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Conductor Rail Insulators

Porcelain Conductor Rail (Third & Fourth Rail)
Insulators developed and approved for the Network Rail & London Underground system since it began. Over 80 Years history in UK Rail and still supplying product today. More recent designs accommodate modern composite rails and integral bases.

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Polymer Conductor Rail Insulators
Developed and approved in modern thermoplastic materials and injection moulded designs. Fully adjustable, robust, lightweight, chemical resistant & 100% Recyclable. Superior in strength to any other insulator in this application. Unlike hazardous glass fibre epoxy resin insulators there are no harmful chemicals or processes used in the manufacturing and these also exhibit excellent low smoke and toxicity for tunnel applications. Available in various materials to suit any application.

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Custom Design & Test Services
We can also design specific insulator solutions to meet customer requirements using our extensive experience and 3D design facilities. Rapid prototyping (3D printing) is also available along with a full program of design tests in our in house electrical and mechanical laboratory.

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OLE Catenary Insulators