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Low Smoke & Fume DC Conductor Rail Insulator

Designed as effective replacement for the Allied porcelain Third Rail insulators with the enhanced attributes of being mechanically superior to all existing third rail insulators.

Manufactured from a high-tech thermoplastic material that surpasses all the Network Rail requirements mechanically, electrically and flammability. Exceedingly good low smoke and zero halogen performance coupled with the versatility to suit every environment and application.

The short lead time for manufacture and versatility of these insulators means that solutions are available for all electrical and mechanical scenarios backed up by extensive testing.

  • Robust Material, virtually unbreakable
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Fully Height Adjustable
  • Rotation allowed in both directions for track curves
  • Compression limiters in base prevent over torque damage.
  • Easy and safe to adjust at future maintenance intervals.
  • Full and free access to fixing bolts at ball heights when using a socket tool
  • Batch Marked for full traceability


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