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Allied Insulators have been designing, manufacturing and supplying insulators for more than 150 years. The roots of the business are found in many of today’s prestigious manufacturers, a heritage we are proud of.

During 2011 a management led buyout of Allied Insulators from the Wade Ceramics Group saw the company restored to its original form as a manufacturer in its own right. Underpinning the Allied Insulators company is the unique foundation of knowledge, service and experience that can only be gained through this vast history.

Since electrification until present day Allied Insulators has shaped this industry and its evolution. Incorporating renowned brands such as Bullers Insulators and Doulton Insulators the company has adapted to the ever changing demands of market place.

Underpinning the Allied Insulators company is this unique foundation of knowledge, service and experience that can only be gained through this vast history.

The Allied Insulators of today offers an extensive and diversified product range; supplying a UK and overseas customer base with high specification, quality insulators, overhead line fittings and switch disconnector products. All our products are designed and engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the industries which they serve.

Allied Insulators has a proven reputation for quality, innovation, flexibility and a highly responsive service based on many years experience. The company is a leader within the industry, committed to continuous development as a world class business.



Employing pioneering technologies to
drive efficiencies and push performance frontiers

Matching our behaviour to our words
and taking responsibility for our actions.


Dedicated to continuous improvement to
exceed customer expectations in all our activities.

Flexibility in our approach to
adapt with the changing demands of the industry.


Allied Insulators certified to all new ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System standard by UKAS accredited certification body AFNOR.

Following extensive review and update of our QMS (Quality Management System) we are pleased to report a successful audit

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